Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Could All Be Heroes Just For One Day

I decided to dedicate a blog post to my personal 'heroes' who helped shaped my view.

Here it goes

Derek Humphrey-He is a British born journalist and author. He also founded the Hemlock Society, a right-to-die organization.  He also published a book called, "Final Exit" , which I myself read.This book helped me realize that suicide is a basic right and that medically assisted suicides should be legalized for those who are terminally ill.  His wife was also terminally ill and battled breast cancer. Taking all the pills she had only gave her an hour of comfort. Loving husband that he is, he helped commit suicide.Only a truly compassionate human being would be willing to end his wife's pain even if it meant that he would have to live forever in loneliness. Not only did he help his wife commit suicide, he also published a wonderful book called "Final Exit" to help countless people escape their pain with peace and dignity.It also provides insightful advice for those who want to take their live away

Lady GaGa- I simply love how avant garde she is.She sets herself apart from all the other boring pop stars. Who else would wear a meat dress and make references to the performance artist Marina Abramovic? I love the fact that she is bold enough to wear Hussein Chalayan, Comme des Garcons, and Iris van Herpen. I especially love how she is an avid supporter of gay rights. I also think she is a good role model for young girls. She said once that it is okay for girls to chose celibacy because it is their choice.  When the media freaked about her weight gain she blogged a photo of herself in underwear and
She also wrote: 'Hey Guys its Gaga... Now that the body revolution has begun, be brave and post a photo of you that celebrates your triumph over insecurities.'

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