Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Olivier Rizzo

I dedicate this blog post to my favorite fashion stylist Oliver Rizzo.  He attended the Antwerp Academy of Art and is friends with and often collaborates with the photographer Willy Vanderperre. He is also good friend with Raf Simons. He is  also the stylist for Prada. He worked with photographers Alasdair McLellan, Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus, Inez and Vinoodh,David Sims, Craig McDean, and Paolo Roversi. He worked for various magazines including Vogue Italia, W Magazine, Pop, Love, Another Magazine and Fantastic Man.It is lovely to see how his styling developed and matured so well. As soon as you see the clothes the models are wearing you know it's done by him without even looking at the credits.  He has already developed a signature style for himself.  Once I looked at Rizzo's stylings I realized that there seems to be two distinct opposing personalities in his work. There is a one woman that exists in his work that is very feminine and in touch with her sensuality. She dresses in a way that demands attention from men aid is always sexy.She embodies elegance and sensuality.
The opposite extreme also exists in his work. The other woman is more carefree.She looks like she jumped into a laundry basket and never took of any of the clothes of. This lady is eccentric and eclectically dressed.  She brings her childish imagination to her clothing. There is a huge mix of patterns and different textures and there always seem to be a rainbow of colors.  It almost seems like a little toddler took out all of the clothing from her treasure chest and played dress up and put together anything she could find.

Only such a talented stylist would be capable of producing such polar opposites in his work.  He can create a free loving eccentrically dressed girl as well as an elegant and sensual woman. Only   he could envision both opposites with such clarity.

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