Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Discomfort with Blogging

I started really enjoying 'high fashion' since the fall 2009 season, when I was about 15 years old. I did not start a blog until now. I loved bloggers like Tavi Gevinson, Susie Lau, and Arabelle Sicardi.  The main reason I did not blog until now because of how some people from the fashion industry reacted towards those bloggers. For example, Olivier Zahm said that he wanted to kill all the fashion blogs. When the people I idolize in this industry nay-say blogging then I cannot help but feel insecure. I feel like I am really in no position to review fashion shows or photo shoots. I have no experience in the fashion industry or journalism. What really bugs me is the question of whether my opinion really matters. I pour through fashion magazines all the time and read countless reviews. Does this make me an expert now? How could I be an expert if I have no experience in crafting a vision in fashion?

Yojhi Yamamoto.:
  We are losing those young people because we have too much information by media, especially [through computers]. We can see everything at the same time, so already they are spoiled too much.

According Yamamoto, young people are 'spoiled.' I also feel 'spoiled' because we young people have so much access to countless fashion shows and reviews through the internet. Once you are flooded with all this information, it is hard to have an original voice.This is another reason why I feel slightly uncomfortable with the fact that I have a fashion blog. I do not know if that was Yamamoto's point, but this is how I feel. Every comment someone makes on a blog  is simply something that you copied from someone else. It creates a sea of banality.
My big question about being a fashion blogger is : Do we know what we are talking about? Whose opinion should you really trust when it comes to fashion?

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