Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorite Shows from Fall/ Winter 2013

Surprise! Surprise! Alexander Wang did a wonderful job for Balenciaga. I feel  foolish for ever doubting his potential at Balenciaga. 

Christopher Kane never fails to impress. I love the variety of ideas the show had. It  did not seem too random, but was just enough to keep someone really interested in looking at the collection.

Alber Elbaz truly understands woman. The show was inspired by Tilda Swinton's performance at the Modern Museum of Art where she started off wearing a white robe, and then someone would add another piece of clothing for her to wear. She would look different every time.    Elbaz said that it reminded him of an old fashion show but that it was very modern at  the same time. This bought Alber toward trying to create clothes that were inspired by old couture and introducing it to a young audience.

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